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Income Tax Cuts Increase Revenues and Help Low Income Families

While many issues such as health care reform, social security and immigration are often difficult to quantify objectively since we have not had experience with proposed changes the issue of income tax rates is not. Critics, often with the best of intentions, have said that extending tax cuts and further reducing income taxes will benefit the rich over the poor and will lead to more deficit spending. Past income tax rate cuts have increased government revenues, boosted our economy, created jobs and shifted the tax burden away from low income families to the middle and upper income folks.

TARP - 2 Years ago and today

It was  two years ago today (10/13/08) that as part of the financial bail out  Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson told the heads of  9 major

Economic News Pushes Market Averages Down for August

Despite a small uptick as the month ended, investors reacted to a series of disheartening economic reports by pushing stocks steadily lower in August.

Stocks Drop Sharply on U.S., Global Economic Worries

The major financial indices retreated into negative territory for the year Wednesday as a weaker outlook from the Federal Reserve and reports of a slowdown

The Economy Continues To Do Well

The day-to-day market volatility and melodramatic news from the media would lead one to believe that the economy is floundering. Yet, by most objective measures

The Direction of the Market is NOT the most important question

Equity and fixed income markets will move up and down – this is normal. While we have seen increased volatility lately the direction of the

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