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Cutting Taxes to Increase Revenue- Politics, Perception and Facts

Once again, tax simplification and cuts are being debated. There is general agreement that the tax code needs to be simplified, but there are a

How to Protect Yourself: Lessons from Harvey, Irma and Equifax

The vision of Carver Financial Services Inc. has always been making people’s lives better. A big part of this vision is protecting and enhancing your

For Success - Wait Out the Storms

We’ve learned from Hurricane Harvey and other devastating storms that when the authorities tell you to evacuate, it’s best to get out of town, where

Bad News, Good News and the Coming Market Pullback

As the broader equity markets have reached record levels, a question people often ask us is, “When is the market going to crash?” Nobody can

Realistic Expectations and Asset Allocation: Important Factors to Help With Long-Term Success

As the markets continue to increase, investor expectations are on the rise. This isn’t necessarily a positive trend as it is important for our long term


Are successful people happy because they are successful or because they are happy? Science and personal experience suggest the latter. The idea that if we

Why Are You Investing?

Why are you investing? Is it to beat an index or achieve a personal goal? Is it to select the newest investment or achieve a

Pundits, Predictors and So Called Experts

The so called experts and pundits would have us believe that they can predict what is going to happen with the markets, economy, weather,  politics

Cheaper Can Be More Expensive – Asking The Wrong Questions

Intuitively it makes sense that the lower the cost of investing the more one should make.  As with many things the reality is more complicated

Made in America

The recent election had a lot of rhetoric about manufacturing jobs that had been lost overseas and America’s growing trade deficit with various countries.  If

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