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The World Is A Scary Place

The new year is around the corner and the media has written   “The Economy is booming and Americans revel in the prosperity after bouncing back

September’s volatility extends into October

The first week and a half of trading this month took investors on a wild ride. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, for example, posted its

Volatility & Risk

Wednesday this week (October 8, 2014) and Thursday this week  marked the biggest one day rally and worst one day drop for the Dow Jones

Terrorism the markets and You

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” The above quote is from Franklin D. Roosevelt and was part of a speech given

This Time It's Different

As the media fights to fill a never ending news cycle and politicians need a crisis to justify their existence, we are inundated with bad

Freaky Friday (the 13th)

The only time in our lives when we don’t look forward to Friday might be when it happens to land on the 13th of the

High Frequency Trading, Transparency and Technology

High-frequency trading – which describes how faster computer networks may give some traders at high-speed electronic trading firms a price advantage when fulfilling investment orders

A Triumph of the Human Spirit

This month Sochi, Russia, will be the site of another major international multi-sport event – the 2014 Paralympic Games. From March 7 to 16, almost

When Bears Speak - Market Corrections, Media & Volatility

Why is it when the market moves up  the media uses phrases like –  “the market moved up today” or “the broad index was higher”

Reasonable Expectations 2014 and Market Facts

While the overall total return for the last decade has not been spectacular the S&P 500 stock index has been positive on a total return

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