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Market Correction

We are now experiencing the market correction that has been anticipated and that we have spoken about for the last few years. This dip is

Why Are We Investing?

For most of us investing is a means to an ends – not just a hobby or the ultimate goal. We are investing to achieve

Protecting Your Identity

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S., with more than 13 million victims each year (source Consumer Reports) . Just being careful


Over the long term, stocks have had greater total returns than bonds.  Over the short term, stocks have been much more volatile than bonds  Over

Rising Interest Rates & You – Do they matter?

We are not market prognosticators nor do we believe that short term changes in the broader equity or fixed income markets should dictate your investment

Increasing Government Revenues, Shifting The Tax Burden and helping Lower Income Americans- a proven but counter intuitive approach

The debate about changing the tax code comes up every election cycle.  The reality is that the way to increase revenues and shift the tax

Benchmark YOU

There is a natural tendency to want to compare our own portfolio to the Dow Jones Average or S&P 500 Index because that is what

Are We Due For A Market Correction?

We believe that it is difficult if not impossible to try and time the markets and that investors are better off developing a long term

Markets and Election Years…. Can Politics Predict Performance?

Election years have traditionally been market-friendly, but that doesn’t mean you should base your portfolio decisions on politics. It seems that the election cycle starts

The Value of Advice

Why should we pay an advisor- financial or otherwise?   What value do they add?  This can be answered in several ways and depends on what

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