New Disclosures: Go Paperless with Your Financial Documents

New rules require Raymond James to deliver new disclosures to existing clients by June 30, including a 100-page document with details about products and services.

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently enacted Regulation Best Interest and related regulations require broker/dealers and registered investment advisers to provide existing and prospective clients with specific disclosures addressing, among other things, available account options and services, and the related potential conflicts. With this, by June 30, you will receive:

  • 1) A Client Relationship Summary (Form CRS) – A two- to four-page document with information about the types of accounts and services available and types of fees, charges and potential conflicts of interest associated with certain account types.
  • 2) A detailed disclosure booklet – An approximately 100-page booklet that provides additional detail about the topics covered in the Form CRS, as well as important information regarding available investment products and services.

When you receive these disclosures – whether via traditional mail or email – We encourage you to read them and ask questions. We would be happy to set up time to discuss. Contact our office at 440-974-0808.

These disclosures are important, and we encourage you to read them, but we often hear that clients would prefer to avoid extensive paper documents.

How can I limit the paper mail I receive?

The deadline to choose paperless delivery for the above-referenced disclosures is April 24th. If you’re already using Client Access:

  • 1) Log in to Client Access and go to Account Services > Client Tools.
  • 2) Select “I want to receive all my account documents online.”

NOTE: To receive this disclosure mailing electronically, make sure to also select the “Other Correspondence” document category for Online Delivery.

If you haven’t yet signed up for Client Access, we encourage you to consider doing so, especially in these times of limited physical contact. We would be happy to help get you set up. This secure, convenient online account access system complements the services we provide, offering instant availability of your financial information wherever you are in addition to the convenience of receiving statements and other communications electronically.

We have and will continue to act as a fiduciary in your best interest. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the above changes, Client Access, your portfolio, and other financial planning needs. If you would like assistance to set up e-delivery of paperwork and statements we’d be happy to help. As always, we are here for you.