A New Era and New Look: Three Decades Centered Around Your Vision

We continue to hear about a “new normal” –yet this really is not new. Change is constant and we must evolve to be relevant both personally and as business. Thirty years ago, I founded Carver Financial Services to help people achieve the life they envisioned—whatever that might be.

Much has changed with the world, since 1990, and our firm has continued to evolve. We have expanded our team, building and services while continuing to utilize state-of-the-art technology to better serve your needs and those of our community. Despite our continued growth, our founding purpose hasn’t changed at all. In fact, it’s only grown stronger.

While there are thousands of firms that focus on investments, financial planning and money management we focus on you and your vision with our innovative Personal Vision Planning® process.

As we move into the next “new normal,” we are excited to announce a relaunch of our firm to better meet your needs in this new era, and for generations to come.

The most visible sign is an evolved look for our logo—one that better connects with our commitment to, and partnership with you. 

Our new logo is a visual symbol of our partnership with you, and our mission to make people’s lives better in everything we do. The three lines in the icon represent your vision, our team, and our global resources. Together, these parallel lines move in an upward trajectory toward a bright, positive future. 

Other visible signs of our new and improved firm are the growth of our professional team, the completion of our building expansion and the introduction of a new website at the end of June. In addition to the more observable updates, behind the scenes we’re also enhancing our processes, technology and communications. 

We are introducing a new and improved investment management process that can allow us to respond to changing market and economic conditions more efficiently. This update to our Personal Vision Planning™ process will better help meet the individualized needs of our clients.  

As part of our commitment to be an enduring firm, we continue to expand our team with multi-generations of professionals, so that we will be here for you today and for years to come.   

We continue to make smart investments in our team’s continuing education, to ensure we have the most current knowledge and information for you.    

We believe that these updates will improve and strengthen our firm to help ensure your personalized plan remains strong today, tomorrow and into the future. In an increasingly complex, and rapidly changing world, we remain committed to the mission of helping simplify your life, while achieving your personal vision.

Our commitment to personalized service and planning, based on your vision, will never change. No matter what the future brings, we are proud to share your journey and we will be here for you. As always please contact us whenever we may be of service carverfinancialservices@raymondjames.com or carverfinancialservices.com.

As of May 2020, we manage more than $1.5 billion in assets for clients around the corner and around the globe. We look forward to serving you.