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The Dishes Don’t Matter When Your Pants Are on Fire

How to Manage Financial Priorities During a Crisis The Covid-19 crisis is wreaking havoc on the hearts and minds of so many of our friends

Greed, Fear and the Benefits of Balance

Greed and fear can have tremendous impacts on the market. The market goes up when more people are buying than selling. It goes down when

Continuing to Serve You

Our Five-Part Safety Plan As we navigate through these times of uncertainty together, we want you to know we have been working hard to safely

The “New Normal" and What It Means for Your Financial Future

We keep hearing about a “new normal” and “these uncertain times.” Does anyone really like the sound of that? There’s nothing “normal” about a global

A New Era and New Look: Three Decades Centered Around Your Vision

We continue to hear about a “new normal” –yet this really is not new. Change is constant and we must evolve to be relevant both

The Selflessness of Putting Yourself First – To Help Others

“In case of a loss of cabin pressure masks will drop from the ceiling. Place the yellow cup over your nose and mouth and breath

The Seat Belt Sign's Illuminated: 3 Rules for Flying & Life

I earned my pilot’s license in 1986, and I have logged more than 2,000 flight hours. In flying, there are a number of rules, procedures, and

Our Office is Open to Serve You

Our office is open, and we are here to serve you during the current situation. Due to the CDC recommended guidelines, we are only meeting

Pandemics & Portfolios: Fear & Facts

We understand that market volatility, and uncertainty with the response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be unsettling. We want to remind you that we are

This Time It’s Different

After more than 30 years in the financial services industry, it is clear that the Media will always focus on the short-term, negative and sensational.

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