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10.13.14 Wall Street Journal online

October 13, 2014 the  Daisy Maxey Wall Street Journal online did an article on Randy.   Click Here for full story (you may need to be a subscriber to read the full version)

8.29.14 Reuters Article on Markets

We are quoted twice in an article by Chuck Mikolajczak for Reuters on the markets.  Click here for story

7.9.14 US News & World Report

July 9, 2014 article by Kimberly Palmer in US News & World report about  How to Manage Your Money Emotions - In our post-recession world, it often pays to cultivate calm before making financial decisions.

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5.9.14 Shred Day to benefit Cleveland Food Bank

Cleveland Plain Dealer - May 9th, 2014

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9.23.13 FA-IQ Inheritances Often Come Loaded With Risks

By Chris Latham September 23, 2013

When clients first mention that they expect to receive an inheritance, they rarely have all their facts straight. In fact, their expectations can be seriously wide of the mark. So prudent advisors use that conversation as the jumping-off point for a meticulous planning process. Taxes that may be due on the windfall, potential intra-family squabbles and an urge to splurge are among the important issues advisors should tackle with clients before they see a penny of the money.

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9.6.13 Our Sports Central- Successful Food Drive

Story about the success of our 26th Annual Client Appreciation Event & Food Drive.  Click here for full story

7.18.13 Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal reporter Anya Martin quotes Randy Carver as she  outlines the rise in the use of margin loans for short-term financing by potential home buyers in For Faster Cash, Buyers Live on the Margin. The article, which appeared in the Mansion section of the WSJ on Friday, July 19th, 2013, describes who is using margin debt as short-term financing and some of the reasons why.  Click here for story

11.10.11 Entrepreneur of the Year - story and video

Novermber 10, 2011 story and video appearing in the Lake County News Herald.  Please Click here to see and view 

Community Leadership Awards finalist

September 13, 2011 Carver Financial named as a finalist for the Community Leadership Awards presented by the Invest In Others Foundation. In recognition the Invest in others foundation generously donated $5,000 to the Mentor Rotary Bone Marrow matching program.

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5.20.11 News Herald - Doing Well While Doing Good

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