3.29.17 Froglogic

EMBRACING FEAR – LIVE WITH PURPOSE -SELF CONFIDENCE – TEAM LIFEaudiohopperdavidbrutherfordfroglogicthumb

Get on the registration list now for Froglogic with David Rutherford, a Behavior Training Specialist and a Navy SEAL who served for 8 years in the Naval Special Warfare Community.  David participated in thousands of high risk training evolution’s and conducted clandestine operations in the Middle East.  Using his experiences he began motivating audiences and individuals to send his message of building self-confidence and committing to living the Team Life.  This is a great event to bring children to!

David Rutherford ignites his audiences’ desire to create change within themselves and their organization. His high energy, high impact style of speaking is reflective of his Navy SEAL training and operational experiences. His real world stories demon-strate that a total commitment to living a team life guarantees “mission success” in any environment.

*David Rutherford is not affiliated with Raymond James

Times:  Breakfast 8:30 AM or Evening Pasta Bar 7:00 PM

Place: LaMalfa Conference Center – Heisley Rd., Mentor OH